What does the Black American Flag Mean?

From the moment the country was created, the American flag has represented national pride. Even though many Americans have created variations that symbolize other things they take pride in, the flag has taken on special meaning for many of us. Their sexual orientation, involvement in the armed forces, or even their political views may play a role. The history of black flags runs deep, from the American Civil War to JRR Tolkien's writings. But what does the black American flag really symbolize? Let’s uncover the answer to this in this article.

Meaning of Black American Flag?

American black flags were introduced during the 18th Century as a symbol of defense.

The meaning of a black American flag does not seem to have a set definition at the moment. Enemy forces typically use black flags to signify that they will not be bowed down. That means, in wartime, enemy combatants will be killed rather than taken prisoner. There are currently no neat associations between that meaning and the black American flag. 

There are two main types of black American flags: those that are entirely black without any other distinguishing features or those that are completely black except for the red stripes and blue square.

When and Where Did it Originate?

1861-1865 marked the beginning of the American Civil War and the origin black American flag. As a contrast to the white surrender flag, Soldiers flew the black flag. Keeping the black flag meant that the unit would not surrender and would kill any enemy combatants. Since then the Black Flag Symbol has evolved and been used to express the views of many different people and organizations.  It is a displayed as a symbol by people who want to show they stand firm in their beliefs and will not back down, whatever those beliefs are!

What Does a Black American Flag Look Like?

There are few or no distinguishing features on the black flags of the United States. These flags may be mostly black with a white band. Instead of the red lines and blue squares, there are black stripes on the flags.

Additionally, a black American flag has the same design as American flag, but all the stars, stripes, and background are completely black.  The black flag is sometimes referred to as a subdued American Flag.

Is there anything you would like to know about the thin-line black American flag?

Other Variations of the American Flag

Color is not the only variation in American flags. The number of stars and stripes on American flags has varied greatly throughout history. Historically, the American flag has had 27 different versions since the U.S. was founded. In pursuit of manifest destiny, North America adopted a new flag with every new state.

Among the 27 flag variations are the fifteen-star flag, twenty-star flag, twenty-five-star flag, and more, until the typical fifty-star flag emerged. 


Where Can I Buy a Black American Flag?

You can purchase a black flag or similar flag directly from us. Below are two variations of the black flag, and a black flag tumbler.  You can click on the image to make your purchase.

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Snake Eating Sword - Black American Flag

In Final Words

Even though red, white, and blue - the colors on the United States flag - remain iconic symbols of the country, there are different variations in meaning. No matter what color a flag is, you should treat it with respect and see it as a reminder of the great country we reside in.


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