What are the different types of police officer prayers?

As a police officer, you have the difficult job of dealing with people who are often angry and upset. To keep you cool in these situations, it's important to pray for guidance and strength. This article will explain how you can do that through different types of prayers.

Types Of Prayers

 The first type of prayer is simply asking God for help. 

When you're facing a stressful situation on the job, for example, if someone is aggressive toward you or your partner during an arrest, say, "Please help me handle this person without getting upset." This simple act allows God to guide your behavior during complex interactions with others so that you don't overreact or make mistakes when trying to calm down the situation.

Another type of prayer is asking Him for specific guidance. 

Regarding conflict resolution techniques such as de-escalation tactics and use-of-force policies in different situations (i.e., traffic stops versus domestic violence calls). 

Asking God what His Word says about these topics will also help guide your actions during those times when it's hard to remain calm and obey all relevant laws. 

“While still doing what's right at any given moment on any given day knowing full well exactly what will happen if one chooses not to obey said laws regardless of what they may actually be called by anyone else involved including officers themselves should they choose not to follow them either intentionally or unintentionally due entirely upon their own personal opinion as opposed to legal precedents.”

Yet two wrongs don't ever make one right; therefore, neither does one because no matter how much anyone may think otherwise, really existing doesn't mean anything more than just existing, which isn't true.

When to pray and what should you pray about?| Different types

Before going on duty

Before going on duty, you should pray for protection, guidance, and wisdom. You should pray for the safety of the officers and the public. You can also pray for the families of officers who have lost their lives in service to others. You can even pray for those who are not religious but still need help from a higher power. It doesn't matter what type of prayer you do as long as it is sincere and from your heart!

On top of this general prayer, there are specific prayers pertaining to police work.

Before leaving home

Before leaving your home, you should always pray for safety and preparedness. It's essential to be prepared for the unexpected and think about how you will handle various situations. For example, if you are forced to make an arrest or use force, it is best if you have already discussed this with your family, so they know what happened and why. Praying can prevent them from worrying unnecessarily while also helping them understand why you needed to do what needed to be done to uphold the law and keep them safe.

When getting in the patrol car

When you're getting in your patrol car, praying for protection for yourself and others is essential. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the people you are serving and discernment. You'll also want to pray for the safety of your partner and the people who might be in harm's way if something happens during your shift. Pray that God will protect your family from damage while you're away from home.

When responding to a call - "Emergency Prayer."

  • Pray for safety.
  • Pray for wisdom.
  • Pray for the suspect and their family, if known.
  • Pray for the officer(s) involved in the call and their families, if possible.
  • Pray that God will give you/other officers on the scene a sense of peace as you work to solve this situation peacefully.
  • Pray that God will provide you with/other officers on scene discernment during this incident so that we can make good decisions based on His wisdom alone and not our own opinions or emotions, which may sometimes cloud our judgment.

When searching (suspect, area, property)

When searching (suspect, area, property)

Prayer for safety: "God, please be with me on this call."

Prayer for wisdom: "God, give me the wisdom to handle this call and all its many challenges."

Prayer for protection: "God, protect me from harm today as I go into harm's way."

Prayer for guidance: "Lord, guide and direct my every step today in everything I do so that you may do all according to Your will."

Prayer for the suspect on the scene or under arrest: "Lord grant him/her peace in his/her heart if he/she needs it most." Playful prayer about praying for suspects under arrest!

During traffic stops

You never know what you will encounter when you're on the road. It's a good idea to ensure God is with you and prepared for any situation. While driving, here are some prayers you can say:

  • Pray for your safety and the safety of others around you.
  • Pray for wisdom in difficult situations.
  • Pray for patience when dealing with other drivers or people at an intersection who aren't following the road rules.
  • Pray for the other driver, his family, friends, and his employer if he was driving on company time!

Other everyday situations that officers face daily

When a suspect is being uncooperative

When it comes to resistant suspects, officers often find themselves in situations where a person refuses to cooperate. In these cases, an officer may need to force the suspect physically to restrain them and take them into custody.

Once this happens, officers will likely have some interaction with the suspect. They may be able to talk through the situation with them, or they may have no choice but to arrest him outright and send him off to jail. Either way, the officer has now had some physical contact with his detainee, which can impact their relationship.

What Should Police Officers Do Along with Praying?

Prayers are a way for police officers to stay focused and calm in stressful situations. They also give them the strength to do what's right, even when it's hard.

Prayers help police officers stay focused and calm in stressful situations. When you're praying, you can focus on what needs to be done instead of worrying about how bad things will get. Praying will help you keep calm and ensure everyone is safe!


Our goal with this article is to provide you with some ideas to pray over your police officer friends, and family. Remember that no matter what type of prayer they need, God is always there for them and will help them in their difficult job.

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