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Texas Ranger is undoubtedly one of the most famous law enforcement departments in the United States. The history of Texas Division Rangers is complex. Texas Rangers, also called the Texan Devils, has a history of fighting crime for nearly two hundred years and is replete with many successful and historical memories. It is recognized as the oldest running law enforcement agency in the United States of America. It is also the only agency in the country that has the honor of serving under five flags.

The Texas Rangers began as a border militia that resembles the current National Guard. The state of Texas and its rangers both are inseparable from each other. The presence and movement of Rangers in Texas is a testament to the centuries of public gratitude and pride. According to some well-known and respected personalities, if the Texas Rangers did not exist here, Texas State might not have existed. Texas Rangers have participated in many of the largest foreign wars and civil wars in American history and achieved significant success. The popularity and performance of the Texas Rangers can be estimated from the fact that there was a time in the American cinema industry when the Texas Rangers were featured in American movies. Several radio and television broadcasts were also based on the actions and services of the Texas Rangers. Collecting Texas Rangers challenge coins is attributed to the Rangers' power, which has such a glorious history and countless illustrious feats. Collecting Texas Rangers challenge coins is a highly honorable hobby among the ranger's officers and their supporters.

It is a common custom in rangers that retirees passed on their ranger gears from generation to generation in the family with great pride. Texas State Rangers officers have the most badges in the world. In this context, the trend of collecting badges and challenge coins attributed to Rangers has always been popular among their supporters. The hobby of collecting Texas Rangers challenge coins allows people to be part of the memories of the ranger's great deeds.

Current Duties & Responsibilities of Texas Rangers

Since the mid-1930s, Texas Rangers has served as a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Texas Rangers fulfills their responsibilities, including ensuring the Texas Governor's safety, protecting life, and properties of citizens. The Texas Rangers Division also provides specialized assistance to other law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and city levels to investigate and prosecute criminals for crimes such as murder, robbery, theft, bank fraud, and harassment. The division is also responsible for aiding local law enforcement agencies to curb criminal activities and violence, patrolling the country's international borders, and acting on an extraordinary situation. Other responsibilities of the division include serving as court officers at the request or order of a court judge, protecting elected officials at any location and any time as directed. The division also helps local communities by participating in educational programs and issue special instructions to federal, state, and local representatives, to take action against public and political corruption, providing forensic analysis in pursuit of large-scale criminal cases.

Historical Role of Texas Rangers

Stephen F. Austin established the Rangers force in the year 1823. The first force consisted of ten Rangers formed to protect 700 families from crimes such as theft and murder. Later, in 1835, the Rangers were formally formed. And over the next two years, the Rangers reached 300 men. The Rangers have been involved in the earlier wars and played a crucial role in the subsequent wars. Rangers laid siege to all the enemies and the enemy elements of the country. In these wars and constant clashes, many brave officers of the Rangers were killed. There was a time when Rangers were dissolved for a short period by order of the federal government. But soon, the Rangers were reinstated to carry out their duties. Significant events mark the Rangers' history, for example, the foiling of plots to assassinate Presidents William Howard Taft and Porfirio Daz in El Paso, which later became the epitome of the Mexican Revolution. The most notorious criminal cases in history are also associate with the Rangers, which is the dismissal of gunfighter John Wesley Harden, bank robber Sam Boss, and Bonnie and Clyde.

Texas Rangers in Popular Culture

Due to the significant role of rangers in history and modern times, Rangers have become an integral part of Texas culture. The bravery of the Texas Ranger's officers is evident in the lives of rangers who sacrificed their lives and set great examples. Many stories, novels, and songs have been written about the great personalities and events of the Rangers. Lots of movies, television, and radio shows have been made on Texas Rangers. Here are the names of some of the famous films and shows on rangers include the Miracle Rider, Tales Of The Texas Rangers, Track Down, John Horton Slaughter, The Lone Ranger, Laredo, Rango, Judge Roy Bean, Lone Wolf Mcquade,

El Viejo, Extreme Prejudice, Walker, Texas Ranger, King Of The Hill, Man Of The House, In At The Death, Leboeuf.

Texas Rangers Museum and Hall of Fame

The Texas Museum and Hall of Fame are designed to commemorate Rangers officers who have achieved significant success or died in the line of duty. It is located in Waco city, Texas State. It includes the Rangers Museum Gallery and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, as well as the Texas Ranger Research Center and the Texas Rangers Company's headquarters "F." The primary purpose of this division is to spread knowledge, highlight the history of the famous American symbol Texas Rangers, and make the historical collection of Texas Rangers known to the people. Initially, it contained memoranda, archives, patches, badges, and other material related to the Rangers, which were declared state-owned. But later on, the Texas Rangers samples and documents held by the agency became the property of the Texas people through the city Waco Trust.

Texas Ranger's Uniforms & Badges

In earlier times, the Rangers did not have a specific dress code that they could wear, each officer dressed as he saw fit. In recent times, based on the Rangers' 200-year long history, the force still has no unique uniforms. However, there are simple guidelines for ranger's dress, which requires rangers to wear Western clothes. Rangers force officers usually wear white shirts and ties, khaki/tan or gray pants, matte western hats, belts, and cowboy boots. Wearing the Rangers badge gives different types of historical references. However, 1875 was the year the Rangers first used the badge. The badges were made locally from Mexican silver coins, which were shaped by a five-pointed star. Texas Rangers have officially approved the use of the "Star in Wheel" badge since 1962.

Texas Rangers Challenge Coins

Over the past few decades, it has become a common practice in American communities for people to collect coins and make coins attributed to their favorite or great service officers and give them as gifts. Giving and hoarding coins as honor is a commendable tradition in the military and all law enforcement agencies and their supporters. As we know, the Texas Rangers is well-known throughout the United States as one of the most successful and historic law enforcement agencies. There is barely a person in the United States who does not know about the services of this centuries-old branch of law enforcement. When it comes to the Texas Rangers collectibles, challenge coins are the most popular collectibles since they represent passion, enthusiasm, and history. The use of Texas Rangers challenges coins has a special significance and place among the Texas Rangers and their supporters. There are many types of challenge coins used to commemorate the Texas Rangers. They are made in different shapes, sizes, and intricate designs, but the most popular models are similar to the symbol of Texas Rangers. Texas Rangers challenge coins are awarded according to the services and status of the officers. These challenge coins have been given not only to those officers who show their skills and abilities on the battlefield but also to ordinary Texas Rangers personnel. Challenge coins are the excellent and respectable reward for the Rangers organization and supporters' services rendered to the ranger's officers.

Honoring Texas Rangers Heroes

Texas Rangers challenge coins offer an excellent opportunity to honor our great heroes serving in this division. Challenge coins are for anyone who wants to commemorate Texas Rangers and their families. Our talented team of challenge coin designers has created intricate designs for our customers. Our state trooper challenge coins and badges can be customized using any exclusive details, such as badge number, unit name, and different dates, etc. These challenge coins can be used as gifts or a keepsake to say special thanks to the brave rangers and troopers who protect and serve the nation. To check our full collection of state trooper challenge coins, click here.

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