New Jersey State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring New Jersey Police Officers

New Jersey is one of the first original States of the United States. It is situated in the Mid-Atlantic region of the northeastern side of the United States. It is considered the 4th smallest state of the United States in terms of the area, covering total land area of 8,722.58 square miles. The state’s total population is almost 8,882,190, making it the 11th-most populated state in the country. Trenton is the Capital City, while Newark is the largest city of the New Jersey State. "Liberty and Prosperity" is the sole motto of the State.  New Jersey is also called "The Garden State" because of its 10,000 farms, magnificent beaches, delicious food, breathtakingly beautiful scenery, different cultures, thrilling sports, etc. New Jersey's major economic industries are agriculture, tourism, bio pharmaceuticals, financial services, information technology, advanced manufacturing, transportation, health care, etc.

Fun Facts about New Jersey State

Here are some interesting facts about New Jersey State.

  • New Jersey State is known as the highest densely populated State in the United States.
  • It is recognized as "The Diner Capital of the World" since there are about 525 diners located here.
  • The first-ever complete dinosaur’s skeleton was discovered in Haddonfield county of New Jersey, which is also first-ever openly presented dinosaur skeleton to the public.
  • NJ is the central state for manufacturing and developing the world's famous fragrances and mouthwatering flavors.
  • The tallest water tower in the world resides in New Jersey State.
  • The state of New Jersey has the most significant number of shopping malls in the world.
  • The world's first-ever baseball game and the United States' first-ever football game were played in NJ.
  • There is the first boardwalk of the world in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is also considered the largest and longest boardwalk in the world.
  • There are almost 50 resort cities and towns in New Jersey State. The Cape May Resort is also the country's first seaside resort.
  • Five of the World's Noble Prize winners belongs to the New Jersey State.
  • Former United States’ president Stephen Grover Cleveland (elected two times) was born in NJ.

new jersey law enforcement collectibles

New Jersey Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

The critical role of New Jersey law enforcement in maintaining peace across the state is undeniable. The collaboration of different police agencies is an effort of ensuring public safety across the New Jersey State. These agencies also collaborate with civilian communities, such as schools, assisted living communities, and others, to ensure the public is aware of local laws. New Jersey law enforcement agencies recognize their brave officers in blue by awarding them different bravery and high-performance awards, and police challenge coins. The courageous officers strive to keep the crime rate down in the New Jersey state by putting their lives at risk.

New Jersey Law Enforcement Agencies

As per the data issued by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are five hundred and fifty (550) law enforcement agencies in charge to ensure the safety and peace in New Jersey State. These law enforcement agencies are serving the communities with 33,704 professionally skilled and trained sworn police officers.

New Jersey State Law Enforcement Agencies

Many state law enforcement agencies are functioning in New Jersey State. Here are some of the most prominent agencies: New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Transit Police Department, the New Jersey State Detective Agency, the New Jersey Department of Human Services Police, the Office of Criminal Investigations, etc.

New Jersey State Police (NJSP)

The NJSP is the primary state police agency protecting and serving the residents of New Jersey since 1921. The NJSP is a general-powers law enforcement agency that has statewide jurisdiction. The primary functions of NJSP include general policing, general highway safety and traffic law enforcement, investigation and intelligence services, maintenance, and handling of criminal records, and so on. The NJSP plays a vital role in maintaining peace and ensuring public safety in many municipalities in the north-western and southern regions of the state since these regions do not have local police departments. Many police departments in New Jersey, including the New Jersey State Police department, issue their exclusive police coins to their officers.

The NJSP has made several appearances in popular culture after it was mentioned in the novel Expressway, which later adapted into a TV movie. There is also a famous song about the NJSP in Bruce Springsteen's music album called Nebraska.

New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety

This department is a state government agency in the state of New Jersey, which is in charge of protecting the lives of and properties of the residents of New Jersey. This department is operating under the guidance and supervision of the New Jersey's Attorney General office. Other duties that come under this department include protection of civil and consumer rights, promotion of highway traffic safety, and provision of legal services and counsel to the state departments and police agencies in New Jersey.

New Jersey County Prosecutor's Offices

New Jersey has several county prosecutor's officers. Some of these include the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, Essex County Prosecutor's Office, Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, and many others.

New Jersey County Sheriff and Police Agencies

The various county sheriff and police agencies are working in New Jersey State. The most notable are Burlington County Sheriff's Department, Hudson County Sheriff's Office, Ocean County Sheriff's Department, and Camden County Police Department.

Burlington County Sheriff's Department: this department operates as the principal law enforcement agency in Burlington County, NJ. The headquarter is located in Mount Holly, NJ.

Ocean County Sheriff's Department (OCSO): this department is the primary law enforcement agency in Ocean County, NJ. The OCSO was the first department to have its DNA testing lab for forensic investigation.

New Jersey Municipal Agencies 

Most remarkable municipal law enforcement agencies in New Jersey include Aberdeen Township Police Department, Atlantic Highlands Police Department, Bloomfield Police Department, Camden County Police Department, Flemington Borough Police Department, and many others.

Bi-State Police Agencies

Besides the police departments and sheriff's offices mentioned above, bi-state police agencies are serving in New Jersey. These agencies include the Delaware River Port Authority Police Department, Delaware River, and Bay Authority Police Department, Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department, etc.

New Jersey Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

New Jersey also has a good number of federal law enforcement agencies, such as the United States Coast Guard, Federal Reserve Police, United States Secret Service, United States Customs and Border Protection, etc.

Supporting New Jersey Law Enforcement

It is essential to show the respect that the New Jersey law enforcement agencies deserve for the dangerous work they do, such as putting their lives in danger to protect local communities. There are various effective ways to convey the message of appreciation to the brave police officers and county sheriffs of New Jersey. One of these ways is giving or carrying police support challenge coins. These challenge coins are prevalent among police officers because they are the symbol of bravery, integrity, and honor. If you want to honor a New Jersey police officer, give him or her a customized police challenge coin. Many local communities also support police officers in various ways, such as by giving them exclusive awards and organizing appreciation events for them. The support is essential to ensure these brave men and women continue to serve the local communities with bravery.

Customized New Jersey Police Challenge Coins

Customized police challenge coins make unique police support gifts that you can give to your police friend or loved one. The excellent feature of these challenge coins is that they can be customized with different details, such as color, metals, images, and exclusive texts. If you want to ensure your loved one who is serving in the police, you can customize a policy challenge coin with a safety prayer that your loved one can keep with him or her while on duty. You can also customize the challenge coins for a friend who is a law enforcement supporter. In addition to police challenge coins, you can customize other police support collectibles, such as apparel, wrist bands, police badge, etc.

Collectible New Jersey Police Challenge Coins

Many former and current police officers, their families, and supporters collect police memorabilia. This is a way to show their dedication, respect, and appreciation for the police department they are associated with. Collectible law enforcement challenge coins are available for different police units, essential events in the police history and exclusive secret missions, and so forth. Many New Jersey enforcement agencies issue collectibles, such as patches, coins, and stickers for both officers and civilians.

Get New Jersey Police Challenge Coins

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