Military T-Shirts

When you are looking for a military shirt or even a veteran shirt, you are going to run into two questions: where can I buy military shirts and what's the best place to buy veteran shirts? Below, we will be answering these questions for you and giving you some of the most fantastic options available currently.  All shirts come in a variety of sizes that range from XS to 3XL. This allows for anyone of any build to comfortably display their veteran status proudly. 

These shirts are perfect because you can wear them to almost any occasion or events including parades, rallies, reunions, and barbeques. They're ideal for everyday use and allow the veteran to prioritize comfort and style.


US Army Veteran Military Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt


The "US Army Veteran" t-shirt shown above has the words "Army Veteran” on it, as well as American Flag Dog tags that are displayed over an image of the American Flag with a camo stripe. The sleek and simple design make it a great way to casually state your veteran status without calling too much attention to it. 

US Military WWII Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

The WWII Veteran shirt above is a very simple unisex short sleeve t-shirt. It has a simple t-shirt neckline, and the design is very simple with the words “WWII Veteran”, and a pair of combat boots that are partially unlaced. The t-shirt art isn't overly flashy, which is nice. 


US Military I'M A Grumpy Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This t-shirt is ideal for that military veteran with a sense of humor and a "don’t care" attitude. It is wordier than some of the other shirts on our list, but that's part of its charm. It has a picture of an eagle's face with the colors of the American flag on it, and a white American flag backdrop.  It's a great statement t-shirt and conversation starter.

US Military Vietnam Veteran Daughter Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This is a great way for a Vietnam veteran daughter to show off how proud she is of her parent in both comfort and style. The wording and design of the American flag are white with an overlay of a set of dog tags on top of it with a colored American flag on them. 


US Air Force Brave Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt



This shirt has an eye-catching design that screams "hardcore". It has three skulls on it, one of which is the iconic "Punisher" skull, and an egle with black wings that wrap around them for a "dark angel" look. There's an American flag in the back, and it states "American Veteran" at the bottom. This is perfect for rugged or tenacious veterans!

US Military Veteran the Brave Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

Who says that proudly displaying your veteran status has to be done in an over-the-top, flashy way? This shirt depicts a greyscale, reversed image of an American flag and dogtags with the word "VETERAN" in bold block red lettering along one of the stripes. This could make a great gift for picky people, as well, because you can give them something that shows off their veteran status without having to figure out what sorts of imagery they'd prefer to wear!

US Military I'M A Grandpa Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This is the best Grandpa Veteran shirt around! It depicts a circular American flag pattern in the background with an American eagle carrying a gun in each of its claws, and the words "I'm a Veteran Grandpa. I Have Risked My Life To Protect Strangers Just Imagine What I Would Do To Protect My Grandkids". This is definitely the shirt for that proud, gun toting veteran grandpa who if fiercely protective and proudly wants to show it off!

US Military I'M A Proud Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

The "I'm A Proud Veteran" shirt is an eye-catching statement piece. It has an anthropomorphized eagle with arms holding an American flag with guns on either side of it, an American flag banner, and the words "I Served I Sacrificed I Went When No One Was Willing I did What No One Would Do I Did It For Me I Did It For You I Am A Proud Veteran". Proud is an understatement! The men and women who served our country did it for themselves, as well as for us, as the shirt boldly states. This would make an amazing shirt to wear to a parade or an evening VFW event. 

US Military I'M Married To A Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This is a fun and sassy shirt for military spouses. This shirt is for the proud spouses of military veterans looking to make a statement. It's got eye-catching pink and gold lettering that states "Warning I'm Married To A Veteran Messing With Me Can Be Very Dangerous To Your Health", and depicts American flags and guns on either side. It can easily be either dressed up or down and worn to events such as concerts or county fairs. Looks excellent with a pair of jeans and some boots!

US Military Desert Storm Veteran Military Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This is a very simple and basic shirt for that Desert Storm veteran in your life. The design is simple with the wording all in caps and the lettering broken up, which gives it a cool and unique feel but doesn’t overdo it. It keeps with the military theme by pairing it with a shell at the top of the letting.

US Military Freedom Is Not Free Veteran Military Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

"This Freedom Isn’t Free" Veteran T-shirt is really a great shirt to wear and to own. It pays tribute to all men and women of service with honor. It depicts the image of a colorful American Flag in the background which takes up a good portion of the shirt design with a kneeling soldier with the wording at the bottom in white. It is very simple, but very powerful statement.

US Military Warning My Uncle is a Crazy Veteran Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This fun and quirky shirt is great for both nieces and nephews. In lettering that is in off red, blue and goldish yellow it says, "Warning My Uncle Is A Crazy Veteran And I'm Not Afraid To Use Him" and has a picture of a gun. It is a fun conversation starter shirt for those nieces and nephews who want to show off their support for their favorite veteran uncle of any branch, whether or not he is ACTUALLY crazy is up for debate!

Military Skull Soldier Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This military shirt is a cool design of a skull with dog tags in its mouth. The skull has military helmet. The art style is quite unique, like an edgy comic book, with an etched background. This short-sleeved shirt is very simple but yet distinctive and can be proudly worn by members of any branch.

US Military Thank You For Your Service Military Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This "Thank You For Your Service" T-shirt has a simple, classic design. The dog tags and wording are all in white, which gives it a sleek, clean appearance. Of course, this is a nice shirt for veterans, but it's also a great way for civilians with no military experience to express their appreciation for military veterans. 

US Military Fought For Our Freedom Unisex Short Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is great for any best friend of veterans, no matter their military branch. It depicts an American flag with two crossed rifles on top of it, and it says "My Best Friend Fought For Our Freedom". All of the colors are all muted retro colors, and it has a distressed look to it. This is perfect for the cheerleaders in your life, and anyone who's right there waiting for you screaming "That's my boy/girl!" at the top of their lungs. 


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