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The American Firefighter necklace is a symbol of protection, duty and honor. A perfect gift for the fireman in your life! This necklace also makes an excellent award or reward for outstanding performance or attendance. It is important to recognize and reward student achievement. It is also a wonderful keepsake for family, friends and loved ones. ____'''American Firefighter''' is a symbol of pride, dedication, and service that all Fire Fighters can wear with honor. This 18'' stainless steel necklace comes on an elegant black cord with a lobster clasp. Engraved directly onto the front side of the pendant is the official.

These American Firefighter necklaces are both fashionable and inspirational. Our American Firefighter necklaces are quality jewelry you can wear proudly. Each one is made from high-quality materials and represents a thank you to our men and women who protect us each day. We have several collections of police, EMS and military necklaces available as well.


Our Firefighter Necklace is a special design that combines the essence of firefighting with one of the most popular symbols of our country – the national flag. The necklace comprised of 925 Sterling Silver and colored blue, white & red enamel on it's surface. It comes with 2 varieties of these pendant – available in different sizes so that it can be easily customized as per requirement. All these are exquisite pieces handmade by our skilled team and hence provide a unique look to you and your loved ones. These products are best gifting options for the army men, navy men & air force men who are serving in security forces

Here at policebrand you can find several gifts for soliders. Lets discuss the variety of necklaces available here:

  1. Firefighter Necklace-Thin Red Line Mom Necklace : The Firefighter Necklace is the perfect gift for any special occasion, be it Christmas, Mother's day, Valentine's Day or birthdays. -This symbolizes your love and care to your mother. This is the best gift for your mom on Mother's Day, birthdays or any other occasion. Pendant comes with high quality rope chain with lobster clasp closure. Comes in a presentation box with a sticker on it saying "made with love". A perfect gift for women of all ages.' 'The Thin ResLine Mom necklace makes an ideal gift for mothers as well as adoptive mothers. The necklace comes with an 18 in 1 jump ring set making this necklace customizable for any occasion. The thick line represents our Thin Res Line bracelet and the Thin Red Line emblem.
  2. Firefighter Necklace-Thin Red Line Girlfriend Necklace :Our Firefighter Necklace-Thin Red Line Girlfriend Necklace contains the theme of a Thin Red Line that represents the bravery of our first responders. These firemen are strong enough to support their loved ones by their side during trying times, but also remember to love them whole-heartedly even when times are good. The silver necklace is extremely durable and will never tarnish, discolor or lose its shine through extensive wear. This silver necklace can be worn on casual outfit days or formal events as it features an open end link design. Let this necklace represent your loved one or you favorite volunteer fireman!
  3. Firefighter Necklace-Thin Red Line Necklace: The Thin Red Line Necklace is made of solid Sterling Silver and hangs from a durable 24" silver chain. The necklace represents the Thin Red Line that runs throughout our war bird designs. If you are searching for meaning in life look for that thin red line. It marks the spot where courage and honor meet, where warrior spirit calls us to defend freedom at all costs…even if it means giving our lives."# Firefighter Necklace-Thin Red Line NecklaceThe Thin Red Line Necklace is made of solid sterling silver and hangs from a durable 24" silver chain.
  4. Police Necklace-Thin Blue Line Necklace:The Thin Blue Line Necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that symbolizes the unbreakable bond between a police officer and his or her community. The necklace features a delicate silver chain with a pendant shaped like a stylized Thin Blue Line with an NYPD shield above it. This thin blue line necklace is available in two sizes to fit most wearers. A gift she will love, this necklace makes a great graduation present or birthday present for female friends or family members who work in law enforcement. Whether you are shopping for someone who is currently in law enforcement or those who support them, this silver necklace is an ideal jewelry.

Show your support for the Thin Blue Line with this elegant men's necklace. Each silver-colored necklace features a blue line symbolizing the role of law enforcement officers in protecting all individuals. Look out world, we got somethin' to prove it! The Police Necklace-Thin Blue Line Necklace is made of premium pewter and comes with an 18" chain." ____The Thin Blue Line represents the unwavering commitment of law enforcement officers around the globe to safeguard life and property. This men's necklace is a symbol of unity that transcends borders and speaks to our shared belief that we are all equal under.

The Thin Blue Line Police Necklace is a special order item that cannot be modified, returned or refunded. The Thin Blue Line design features a single blue line on a thin silver plated chain that can be worn long or clipped to smaller sizes. The Thin Blue Line symbol represents the unity and solidarity of all law enforcement officers, their families, and the public they serve.


Final Thought: This Firefighter Necklace is a perfect gift for all soldiers and police men. The fire department always expect best gifts from their near and dear ones. This necklace will make them feel honored. So they can wear it proudly. It's designed with high quality material and perfect workmanship. It looks awesome and really heart touching with the words Firefighter written in bigger size on the front side of the pendant. You can gift it to your near or dearest ones on different occasions like birthday, festival, anniversary etc... You can also customize this necklace as your wish by adding your own message on it .

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