A Challenge Coin for Our Beloved Veterans

Challenge coins have a distinguished history in the military as well as the corporate world. Almost all first responder communities across the states have designed custom challenge coins for various purposes, including honoring exceptional performance and enhancing team spirit. However, most of these communities are yet to acknowledge the need to honor veteran members who have since retired. Regardless of this, we are grateful to everyone playing a role in improving these individuals' lives. It is common knowledge that some veterans go through challenges that none of us would like to be part of, which calls for the promotion of their wellbeing. Notably, it is sometimes difficult to find a gift that fits well in a veteran's life. However, you will agree that giving a challenge coin to a veteran is one way to show love and compassion.

Why challenge coins are perfect gifts for veterans

  • Challenge coins are an excellent way to show love.
  • Veterans may already have other challenge coins and may, therefore, like to have new ones.
  • Challenge coins may carry plenty of details and personal info.
  • There is a wide array of possible designs.
  • Challenge coins are affordable.

We believe that a challenge coin given to a veteran reduces the pressure and stress some people go through. You will also agree that custom challenge coins may raise the spirits of the former squad unit members by connecting them with their happy past. Here is how a custom challenge coin may be useful to a veteran.


  • Challenge coins for veterans are designed to invoke memories of the good days. Therefore, they remind individuals of who they are, thereby boosting their morale. 
  • By connecting to the past acts, a challenge coin promotes bravery, self-respect, and respect for the rule of law, thus reducing chances that a veteran may get involved in crime.
  • To many veterans, a challenge coin is a symbol of a particular phase in life.
  • Some challenge coins have added utility features that may make some activities easier and enjoyable.


Besides the honor that one sees in receiving a veteran challenge coin, there is a long-lasting impact that many will experience. These include inspiration and hope. See more details below.

Challenge coins are a source of inspiration for veterans. Team spirit is cultivated throughout the military and first responder training and lifetime. While veterans may no longer be part of team activities, a challenge coin can go a long way to promoting their loyalty to the call. It is said that some of these duties demand loyalty regardless of whether one is in service or not. Giving challenge coins to a group of veterans may be a great way to uphold and encourage the brotherhood spirit gained from years of service.

Challenge coins may bring hope to depressed veterans. As we have already mentioned, some veterans go through a lot in their daily lives, and spending time with them may raise their spirits. Similarly, a challenge coin designed for veterans may bring peace to their hearts and bring memories of happiness. This, in turn, may reduce the time they spend worrying or going over their problems.

Love and gratitude. Challenge coins may be a sign of love and gratitude to veteran military personnel and first responder communities. They may help them feel wanted by society as well as those currently in service. Besides, the sight of a veteran challenge coin on the rack or shelf could bring back many memories. 


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