Weaponized Grenade Composite 20oz Tumbler: The 'Fuck Around, Find Out' Edition

Tumbler size: 20oz
Sale price$26.65


Presenting the "Weaponized Grenade Composite 20oz Tumbler: The 'Fuck Around, Find Out' Edition", a distinctive beverage companion for those unafraid to make a bold statement. This tumbler stands for more than just a beverage holder, it stands for audacity, resilience, and an unconventional spirit.

Expertly constructed from resilient stainless steel, the tumbler provides a generous 20oz (0.59l) capacity, designed to accompany your favorite beverages through every endeavor. Be it a demanding day at the office, an exhilarating outdoor exploration, or a relaxing get-together with friends, this tumbler is your reliable partner.

The design feature is a striking spectacle - a grenade formed by an intricate composite of various weapons, signifying power and fearlessness. Set against a contrasting background, the words "Fuck Around" and "Find Out" are boldly written in yellow, contributing to the tumbler's fearless aesthetic.

Practicality goes hand-in-hand with the tumbler's audacious design. The see-thru plastic lid allows for an easy peek into your drink level, ensuring that your beverage's temperature remains undisturbed. Moreover, the vacuum-insulated construction of the tumbler guarantees optimal temperature retention for extended periods, ensuring your drinks stay as hot or cold as you desire.

The 'Fuck Around, Find Out' Composite Grenade tumbler is more than a beverage holder – it's a statement, a lifestyle, a reflection of your daring spirit. It's designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, from professional settings to outdoor adventures, highlighting your fearless attitude wherever you go.

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