Vigilant Sentinel Security Bulldog Sticker

Size: 3" x 4"
Shape: Kiss-Cut
Paper: Satin
Sale price$2.46


Product Description:

The "Vigilant Sentinel" sticker is a striking piece of artistry encapsulated in a compact form. This adhesive emblem showcases the formidable image of an anthropomorphic bulldog, garbed in a security vest, projecting an aura of resilience and constant vigilance. Each sticker is outlined with a precise 1/8 inch white border, accentuating the fierce detail of the design and enhancing its visual impact. Crafted with weather-resistant vinyl, it adheres firmly to various surfaces, ensuring that the sentinel's watchful eyes remain a durable companion on your laptop, notebook, or car bumper. Collect it, share it, or gift it – this sticker is a powerful symbol of guardianship and strength for anyone to carry wherever they go.

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