Vietnam Veteran Tribute: 20oz Black Military Design Tumbler for Your Patriotic Refreshments

Tumbler size: 20oz
Sale price$26.65


Exhibit your respect for the armed forces with the Vietnam Veteran Tribute: 20oz Black Military Design Tumbler. Fabricated with resilient stainless steel, this tumbler serves as a daily reminder of your allegiance to the nation and your fellow veterans. Its 20oz (0.59 l) capacity makes it a versatile accessory for diverse settings - from city streets to rural landscapes, embodying the diverse experiences of military service.


The glossy black finish lends an aura of sophistication and strength, mirroring the robust nature of military life. Enriching this aesthetic is a distinctive design paying homage to Vietnam Veterans, transforming an everyday item into a symbol of your patriotic spirit.

Vacuum-insulated to maintain the desired temperature of your beverages, this tumbler ensures an enjoyable drinking experience. Rounded corners offer a comfortable grip, while the see-thru plastic lid provides a clear view of your drink, avoiding spillage and unnecessary refills.

In every sip from the Vietnam Veteran Tribute: 20oz Black Military Design Tumbler, feel the sense of unity, valor, and dedication that characterizes your service. Keep your refreshments patriotically chilled, hot, or somewhere in between as you continue your journey with this sturdy, stylish companion.

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