Unforgotten Heroes: 20oz Black Military Tumbler - 'You Are Not Forgotten - POW MIA

Tumbler size: 20oz
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Salute to the bravest with our Unforgotten Heroes: 20oz Black Military Tumbler. This stylish yet meaningful accessory is not just a beverage container, it's a powerful reminder of the courage and sacrifice that resonates with every military veteran, and especially those who have been Prisoners of War or Missing in Action.


Built from top-grade stainless steel, this travel-size tumbler is constructed to withstand the rigors of any journey, reflecting the unwavering resilience of our heroes. Its vacuum-insulated design maintains the ideal temperature for your drink, be it a warming brew on a cold night or a cool refreshment under the summer sun. With its 20oz (0.59 l) capacity, it ensures you're well-hydrated wherever you go.

The tumbler's glossy black finish, along with its smoothly rounded corners, captures a sleek military aesthetic that's sure to command attention. It's both a nod to the spirit of the armed forces and a fitting tribute to our veterans.

Etched into the tumbler is the phrase, 'You Are Not Forgotten - POW MIA.' This resonant message is a heartfelt pledge that the service and sacrifices of our missing and imprisoned military personnel are always remembered, and never overlooked.

Featuring a see-thru plastic lid, this tumbler combines practicality with purpose. The lid not only makes for easy drinking and prevents spills but also serves as a clear window to the important statement it carries.

The Unforgotten Heroes: 20oz Black Military Tumbler is not merely a piece of drinkware, but a beacon of remembrance and respect. It's a fitting accessory for anyone who values the military and understands the deep commitment and sacrifices made by our brave veterans.

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