Thin Gray Line Prayer Flag-Correctional Officer Tumbler

Size: 20oz
Sale price$24.99


This is a 20oz Thin Gray Line Correctional Officer’s Prayer Tumbler.  This correction officer flag cup displays a Thin Grey Line Flag with the following Correctional Officer’s Prayer written on it:

"Lord, when it’s time to go inside, That place of steel and stone. I pray that you will keep me safe, so I won’t walk alone. Help me to do my duty, please watch me on my rounds. Amongst those perilous places and slamming steel door sounds. God, keep my fellow Officers well and free from harm. Let them know I’ll be there too, whenever there’s alarm. Above all when I walk my beat, no matter where I roam. Let me go back whence I came, to family and home. Amen.”


  • Excellent gift idea for Correction Officers, Correctional Officers, Jailers, and  Prison Guards
  • 20oz Tumbler 
  • Unique Design
  • We also offer this flag design as a 5 inch reflective decal and flag

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