Stand for What is Right Even if Standing Alone-Flag

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This is a 3x5 foot one sided Stand for What is Right Flag.  This flag displays the following words, "I stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone."  It also displays a gray wolf.  The wolf has a scroll in its mouth that reads "Never Waver". This flag is a great way to show that you hold firm in your beliefs, will not be dissuaded, and will not back down.

  • Excellent gift idea for anyone willing to show they will do what is right, even if no one else will.
  • 3x5 Polyester One Sided Flag
  • Unique Design
  • Actual Image of Flag.  What you see is what you will get.  We do not digitally touch up our photos.
  • We also offer this flag design as a coffee mug and tumbler.



All flags are shipped folded and this causes the flag to have lines on it.  This is the same for anyone who ships flags.  Below is a list of different ways to remove the wrinkles:


  1. Hang the flag up and do nothing.  The lines should disappear over time. This is the safest and easiest way, but will take longer. I have done this with every flag I have owned and none of them have wrinkles, or
  2. If you have a clothes steamer hang the flag up taught and steam it, or
  3. Put the flag and a wet wash cloth in the dryer.  Turn the dryer on the lowest heat setting and dry the wash cloth, or
  4. Hang the flag up taught and use a spray bottle and spray water on the flag and then let it dry, or
  5. This is the most risky way.  Put flag on an ironing board and place a thin damp towel over the flag.  Turn iron on the lowest heat setting and iron the towel.  The flag will be under the towel and the steam from the towel should help release the wrinkles.


Please remember to be very careful when using heat on polyester flags.  If you get the flag to hot, it could melt. 


Using methods 2-5 there still  may be slight lines remaining on the flag. The remaining lines should disappear over time (Method 1).  If desired, you can use more than one method to remove any wrinkles

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