Most Important Title: 15oz Black Military Design Mug - Dad, a Name I Proudly Bear

Mug size: 15oz
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Toast to the spirit of fatherhood with the Most Important Title: 15oz Black Military Design Mug. Perfect for every military veteran dad who takes immense pride in their two most cherished roles.

Crafted from resilient black ceramic, this mug is as strong and dependable as the fathers who have served our nation. It boasts a generous 15-ounce capacity, ensuring a heartening supply of your preferred hot beverage at any time of day or night.


In the realm of design, this mug stays on top with its universally adored black color, seamlessly matching any kitchen decor. The design features comfortably rounded corners and a secure C-handle, guaranteeing every sip is a pleasure.

A noteworthy feature of this mug is its high-quality sublimation print. The phrase "Dad, a Name I Proudly Bear" is subtly imprinted on the mug. A black print on a black background creates an understated but significant statement. Please note, the print tones may slightly vary due to the transparent background, adding to the exclusivity of your piece.

The Most Important Title: 15oz Black Military Design Mug is more than a beverage container. It is a tribute to those fathers who have bravely served our country and continue to serve as loving dads. It is an ideal gift for military dads, providing them with a daily reminder of their valued and respected dual roles. This mug also serves as an inspiring message for their children and loved ones, making every sip from this mug a celebration of service, courage, and fatherhood.

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