Midnight Sentinel: The Tactical Reaper Sticker

Size: 3" x 4"
Shape: Kiss-Cut
Paper: Satin
Sale price$4.30


Showcase your mettle with the “Midnight Sentinel: The Tactical Reaper Sticker.” This emblem of resilience is designed to make a bold statement wherever it’s placed. The sticker features the iconic image of the skull-faced sentinel, decked in full tactical attire against the ethereal backdrop of a full moon, encapsulated within a sleek 1/8 inch white border that emphasizes its striking design. Crafted from weather-resistant vinyl, this sticker is both sturdy and versatile, ready to adorn your laptop, vehicle, gear, or any surface that calls for an extra dose of fortitude. The monochromatic color scheme with silver accents ensures that it will stand out, while the adhesive backing promises a firm hold. Carry the sentinel’s watchful presence with you, and let this sticker be a reminder of the inner warrior that guides your path.

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