Honoring the Legacy: 20oz Black Tumbler with Military Design - 'Vietnam Veteran Double Flag

Tumbler size: 20oz
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Honor the legacy of our military veterans with this rugged, yet elegant, 20oz Black Tumbler, aptly named "Vietnam Veteran Double Flag." A distinctive homage to those who served, this high-quality tumbler is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring it's robust enough to endure any adventure you embark on.

Featuring a glossy finish that adds an aesthetic flair, this tumbler comes with rounded corners and a transparent plastic lid that lets you monitor your drink level at a glance. The impressive insulation technology preserves the temperature of your beverage, keeping hot drinks hot and cold ones cold, perfect for both the balmy summers and chilling winters.


The standout design element, however, is the military-inspired artwork. Embellished with the 'Vietnam Veteran Double Flag' motif, this tumbler pays respect to the immense sacrifice and bravery of our nation's heroes. Whether you're on the move, stationed at your office desk, or retreating to the tranquility of the countryside, this tumbler not only serves your hydration needs but also acts as a reminder of our veterans' unwavering spirit and resilience.

The Honoring the Legacy: 20oz Black Tumbler with Military Design - 'Vietnam Veteran Double Flag is not just a tumbler, but a tribute to the courageous hearts that have shaped the history of our nation.

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