Defender of Rights: 15oz Black Military Design Mug - 'I Am an American, Right to Bear Arms Unconditionally'

Mug size: 15oz
Sale price$11.17


Stand tall with the Defender of Rights: 15oz Black Military Design Mug. This commanding piece pays tribute to the steadfast defenders of our nation and the principles they uphold, particularly the fundamental right to bear arms.


Made of sturdy black ceramic, the mug mirrors the durability of our country's veterans and current military personnel. Its generous 15oz capacity provides ample space for your beloved hot beverages, while the sleek, rounded corners and the comfortable C-handle enhance its practical use.

Embossed with the assertion 'I Am an American, Right to Bear Arms Unconditionally', the mug embodies the spirit of uncompromising determination that defines our nation. This bold statement is achieved through high-quality sublimation printing, which is designed to endure. Please note that the black-on-black design may vary slightly in tones, infusing a unique characteristic into each piece.

The Defender of Rights mug is not merely a holder for your favorite drinks; it's a testament to the enduring principles that form the backbone of our nation. It's an ideal gift for a military servicemember, a veteran, or any staunch advocate for our constitutional rights. Let this mug serve as a daily affirmation of your commitment to the rights and freedoms that make America strong.

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