Butterfly Teal Ribbon: Black Mug 15oz - Support for PTSD Awareness

Size: 15oz
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Introducing our Butterfly Teal Ribbon: Black Mug 15oz, a symbol of support and empowerment for PTSD awareness. This mug serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of individuals facing the challenges of PTSD, while also promoting understanding and compassion.


Crafted with care, this black mug combines both style and substance. The 15oz capacity allows you to savor your favorite hot or cold beverages while contemplating the importance of supporting those affected by PTSD. Whether it's a comforting cup of coffee, a calming tea, or any other beverage that brings you solace, this mug is there to accompany you.

Featuring the Butterfly Teal Ribbon, a well-known symbol for PTSD awareness, this mug stands as a visible sign of support. It encourages conversations about mental health, raises awareness about the impact of PTSD, and promotes a more empathetic and inclusive society.

The sleek black design adds a touch of elegance to your drinkware collection. The smooth ceramic surface feels comfortable to hold, and the sturdy handle ensures a secure grip, preventing any accidental spills.

By using this mug or gifting it to others, you actively contribute to spreading awareness about PTSD and fostering understanding. It serves as a tangible reminder of the importance of empathy and support for those facing the challenges of PTSD.

Support PTSD awareness and empower others with our Butterfly Teal Ribbon: Black Mug 15oz - Support for PTSD Awareness. Let this mug be a catalyst for positive change as we work together to create a world that embraces and supports the journey of individuals affected by PTSD.

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