Block Security Female Thin Purple Line Mug

Size: 15oz
Color: Black
Sale price$9.38


Sip in solidarity with the “Block Security Female Thin Purple Line” 15oz coffee mug. This robust mug is emblazoned with the image of a stoic, block-style female security figure, fully kitted in her tactical gear, symbolizing readiness and authority. Behind her, the Thin Purple Line flag stands as a proud backdrop, its purple stripe cutting through the darkness, a beacon of the security profession’s commitment. ‘SECURITY’ is prominently displayed across her vest, a nod to those who dedicate themselves to our protection. The mug’s ample size ensures your beverage stays warm as you start your day or take that well-deserved break. Whether you’re in the security field or simply wish to show support, this mug is a daily reminder of the strength and resilience of those who serve to secure our communities.

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