Police K9 Unit Sticker

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Title: Fabric Wall Sticker 21.8 Inches
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This K9 Police Unit Sticker comes in two different variations:

1.  Fabric Matte Wall Sticker: This sticker is made out of fabric material and is 21.8 inches tall.  It has a matte finish.  This sticker is removable and can be repositioned. It is suitable for most smooth walls and it recommended for applying to painted sheetrock walls. It did not remove paint from walls during tests, but since all walls and paint are different that can not be guaranteed.  

2.  Reflective Vehicle Decal: This is a reflective vehicle decal.  The sticker is 4.75 inches tall and made out of reflective material.

    Please read the instructions tab of this product for information on suitable sticker surfaces and application instructions. Also, read the instructions tab on information on how to flatten your sticker back out after receiving it in a mailer tube.


    This K9 Police Sticker is part of our K9 police sticker series. The sticker attempts to pay homage to canines and K9 Police Handlers.



    PBMC is not affiliated with, nor represents, any law enforcement agency or governmental department. The designs, views, and opinions shown/sold/expressed by PBMC are solely those of PBMC. They do not reflect those of any other person, individual officer, law enforcement agency, or governmental department.

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