Police Bulldog Challenge Coin

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Title: Antique Silver
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This police coin is part of our Guardian Challenge Coin Series.  This coin is a bulldog wearing a vintage police uniform.  

The coin comes in Antique Silver and Antique Gold.  It is 3 inches tall and 4MM thick.  It will be a great addition to any challenge coin collection, and will definitely be noticed due to being over twice as tall as most other police coins. The stand is not included with this product.

This challenge coin is part of our guardian police coin series. The coin attempts to pay homage to the Guardian Mindset, a Law Enforcement Officer must have while protecting the public from extremely dangerous situations.  The police coins displayed in this collection attempt to visually represent this mindset and this mindset alone. It does not represent the mindset a Law Enforcement Officer has during any other interactions with the public. To see police coins paying homage to these types of interactions, please see our Community Police Coins Collection (Coming Soon).

To truly see what this coin looks like please view the youtube videos below:






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