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Utah resides in the western region of the United States. The Mormon State merged with the union of the states as a 48th fellow member on January 4, 1896. The State got its name "Utah" from the aboriginal American tribe "Ute," which means "people of the mountains." It is ranked as the 13th largest State by area in the United States, with the total land area of 84,899 square miles. Utah is recognized as the 30th highly populated State in the United States, with a total population of 3.206 million, according to the 2019 collected estimates.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, it is the 2nd rapidly growing State in terms of population. Salt Lake City, also called "The Crossroads of the West," is the capital city and the largest city of Utah State. The State of Utah can be called by its three nicknames, "Beehive State," "The Mormon State," and "Deseret." Industry - is the motto for the State. In 2014, an American business magazine Forbes graded Utah State as the No.1 in the list of best states for business. The economy of Utah State relies upon mining (coal, oil, and gas mainly), government services, cattle ranching, agriculture, forestry, natural resources, salt production, financial services, information technology, life science, dairy products, greenhouse, and other industries.

Fun Facts about Utah State

Here are some fun facts about Utah State.

  • On October 9, 1868, Brigham Young established Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is recognized as the first departmental store in America.
  • Utah is known as the only State in the United States, where the majority of people are the followers of the same church.
  • Amazing geographical features of Utah State attract the documentary and movie-makers from all over the world. Blockbusters Hollywood movies, such as The Planet of The Apes, The Lone Ranger, Stagecoach, and Arabian nights have been shot in Utah.
  • Rainbow bridge national monument in San Juan County, Utah, is recognized as the highest natural-rock arch bridge in the world.
  • Utah State hosts the Sundance Film Festival every year in January. It is the largest film and video festival in the country.
  • The founder of worldwide famous fast-food chicken restaurant chain "Colonel Sanders" sold his first fried chicken franchise in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah State has been acknowledged as the largest human-made pit in the world.
  • Utah and Hawaii are the two states in the country where gambling is illegal.
  • Utah State holds the honor of having the highest literacy rate in the United States.
  • WalletHub reported that Utahans are the most charitable and generous people in the entire nation.
  • Utah is known as the 2nd arid State in the United States, with almost three hundred sunny days.
  • The Great Salt Lake in Utah State is saltier than the oceans.

Utah police challenge coins

Utah Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Utah law enforcement agencies have a significant role in preserving peace in Utah. These agencies collaborate and other states to reduce criminal activity in Utah and ensure public safety. Many of these agencies support local communities and civilians' efforts to build a better society in Utah. Some of their work includes public awareness for citizens regarding alcohol abuse, driving safety, and fraud prevention. These agencies also recognize their top-performing officers and civilians who stood out in support of local communities and officers. To highlight the critical role of law enforcement in public safety, many law enforcement agencies honor civilian institutions, other law enforcement agencies, and individual officers. Police challenge coins are also common among these agencies. Policing departments and peace enforcement agencies honor a police unit or a division with police challenge coins.

Utah Law Enforcement Agencies

There are one hundred and thirty-six law enforcement agencies operating in Utah State. These law enforcement agencies have about 4,782 dedicated and courageous police officers to maintain law and order.

Utah State Law Enforcement Agencies

Several State law enforcement agencies are operating in Utah State. Some of the most distinguished include Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah Highway Patrol, Utah State Bureau of Investigation, Utah Attorney General and Assistant Attorneys General, Utah Department of Human Services, Utah Adult Probation & Parole, and Utah Department of Corrections.

Utah County Sheriff's Offices

Various county law enforcement agencies are serving in Utah State. Some of the most prominent ones include Beaver County Sheriff's Office, Davis County Sheriff's Office, Kane County Sheriff's Office, Millard County Sheriff's Office, Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, Utah County Sheriff's Office, Weber County Sheriff's Office, etc. Utah County Sheriffs challenge coins, support stickers, and rings are sought-after among the police supporters. 

 Utah City Police Departments

There are many city law enforcement agencies are working in Utah State. Some of the notable include Aurora Police Department, Brigham City Police Department, East Carbon Police Department, Cottonwood Heights Police Department, La Verkin Police Department, North Salt Lake Police Department, Salt Lake City Police Department, Saratoga Springs Police Department, West Valley City Police Department, Stockton Police Department, etc.

Multi-Jurisdictional and District Law Enforcement Agencies In Utah State

Some other peace enforcement departments include the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, Colorado City, Arizona-Hilldale, Utah Marshal's Office, Utah Transit Authority Police Department, and Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department.

Back the Blue in Utah

It is crucial to back the blue in Utah to motivate the officers, so they continue to serve the communities in Utah with dedication. To support the blue, get your police challenge coins and other accessories, such as police rings and customized collectibles. These accessories are an effortless way to show your support and respect to the brave officers in blue.

Get Police Challenge Coins & Other Support Accessories

Police Brand has designed a wide range of police collectibles, such as police challenge coins, rings, stickers, and other accessories for law enforcement enthusiasts and supporters. Click here to explore our collections.

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