Using Challenge Coins to Serve the Purpose of Business Cards

Over the past years, challenge coins have been used for military recognition purposes alone. However, in recent times, the use of challenge coins has been expanded widely to other fields such as sport among other sectors. The use of challenge coins has significantly diversified with some businesses using them in place of business cards. Even though business cards have been used for years to trade business contact information, it does not make them the best choice. Here are some of the reasons you should utilize challenge coins instead of regular business cards.

The uniqueness of challenge coins

A standard business card can quickly get misplaced or mixed with other cards and documents, which may lead to them getting lost. However, challenge coins are quite different and can be seen or identified because their feel and value of their can their quality can be easily seen, thanks to their cool touch and weight. As a result, they can hardly get misplaced or lost once the two parties have shared them. Also, it is an excellent way outweighing your competitors by making the business unique.

The impression of challenge coins

The normality of the use of business cards has made them seem normal in businesses. However, challenge coins give the parties a positive first impression, which is crucial in creating a long-lasting impression. Their textured artwork and letters add depth to the challenge coin. Furthermore, the challenge coin plating makes them stand out from the rest while outshining the usual business cards.

Challenge coins are durable.

The raw materials used to make challenge coins are durable, which makes the final product durable.  Some of the metals used to make challenge coins include brass and steel. These materials create a challenge coin resistant to dents and scratches because they are tough. Also, they are not affected by exposure to extreme conditions, sun, or even water, unlike the standard business cards. Furthermore, business cards often fade, get stained, and bend, which affects their appearance, unlike challenge coins that maintain their vibrant and shiny colors.

Customized challenge coins provide a varied combination of text and artwork.

Business cards are limited to only the custom information you include about the business information. However, adopting custom challenge coins allows presenting your artwork. That being the case, your design is only limited by your imagination. Besides, the use of challenge coins in an organization is not limited to trading business information like a business card. The case is so because it can be a great tool when it comes to marketing.

Challenge coins can promote the organization’s brand image more.

Challenge coins can be designed to provide detailed information about the business, which raises the company's brand awareness. Business cards only provide limited details about the business, unlike a challenge coin. The case is so because challenge coins can be designed exquisitely to accommodate information on the organization, including its logo, slogan, color, websites, and many more. These details are crucial in boosting the company's brand awareness because once they are given out, the holder can get finer details about the business.

Breaking the chain tradition without affecting the business

For many years business cards have been in use as a way of trading business contact information. Currently, everything is changing in the business sector, thanks to the impact of technology and changes in market trends. The world is going digital, and it's time to break some of the long-standing business traditions with more improvised ones. Challenge coins can be an excellent way of breaking the traditional business card approach to trading business contact information.

In conclusion, business cards are an excellent way to share business contact information as they have been in use for years. However, that does not mean it is the most excellent way to get the job done. With the current changes in the business environment, businesses should consider using challenge coins to trade contact business contact information as the world is changing. Are you thinking of purchasing or checking out the most recent challenge coin and other collectibles designs?  To do so, click here to check the currently available challenge coins and other products from our store.

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