Taking care of challenge coins: Proper display and cleaning

Do you own a collection of challenge coins? Or are you looking to start collecting challenge coins? Regardless of the type of challenge coins you own or love to collect, it is good practice to keep them clean and well organized. However, you may find yourself wondering how to best clean your challenge coins without affecting their original look. Other times you will be wondering how to display your challenge coins properly. We have prepared this article with all lovers, and keepers challenge coins in mind. At the end of the reading, you should be able to show your coins collection to friends without shying away proudly. Let’s go.

We will first look at how to display challenge coins properly and then mention a few tips about cleaning. Challenge coins arranged and displayed properly should be a source of pride for each coin collector. However, this is not always the case, and some people are obsessed with adding a new coin to the list that they forget to look after what they already have. Does that sound like you? Here are some display options you could use and change the situation.

A coin display case

This is perhaps the most popular challenge coin display accessory you will find in the current market. Essentially, it is a wooden/metallic case with a glass front through which you can see your challenge coins. It has a lockable, hinged door and the inside comprises of several shelves. The case is available in various online stores with different capacities in the range of 30 to 60 challenge coins. For the best looks and experience, this case is better fixed on the wall that put on a desk.

The downside of using this kind of case is that it requires delicate care, given that the front is pure glass. Again, these kinds of cases have only one usable side meaning it may carry fewer coins. Furthermore, the hinges of the door may get rusty and fail to work.

Multi-level wooden challenge coin rack

As the name suggests, this is a rack built with various levels on which you can keep challenge coins. It can either be single or double-sided. While the single-sided design is preferred for wall fitting, the double-sided version is best for a tabletop display arrangement. The rack is available in various stores with a different number of levels and measurements. Unlike the coin display case, this has no special care needs and is even suitable for people with a large collection of challenge coins.

Multi-level pyramid-shaped rack

The pyramid-shaped version of the multi-level challenge coin rack brings the advantage of four usable sides. However, it is limited in size since no one wants a coin holder to take up all the space on the office table. This rack, together with the single coin holder discussed below, are widely used in offices to showcase company challenge coins.

Single coin holder

A single coin holder is the best option to display company challenge coins. You can also use it to display some of your most treasured challenge coins.


Regarding the cleaning of challenge coins, most of them only need a wipe with a dry cloth. If you display your challenge coins using uncovered racks, you must always remember to clean the rack. While racks may be cleaned with a wet cloth, the same cannot be said of challenge coins. You should check the material of the rack and the challenge coin before attempting to clean with water. But why would you even try water when there are other safer liquids? Enclosed challenge coin display cases may also need a wipe once in a while but not as frequently as their uncovered counterparts.  

To this end, you now have options you can use to display your challenge coins. Again, you know how to clean challenge coins and keep them in an appealing state. We have various challenge coins and police memorabilia, which you can view and buy if you visit our store now.


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