Gift Ideas for Correctional Officers Week 2022
Correction Officers Week 2022 is still a long ways off – it is celebrated around the first week of May. But nothing beats preparedness when it comes to finding the perfect gift, especially since the holiday (aka gift-giving) season is just around the corner.

Correction officers deserve all the love and recognition that they can get. They are dedicated in their service to making sure that everyone else feels safe in their community. Therefore, you need a gift idea that can match the honor and integrity that they exhibit every day in their line of work, especially in terms of putting their lives on the line.

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for Correctional Officers Week 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a curated list of the best gifts that will surely bring a smile to your favorite correction officer’s face and warm their hearts.

Correctional Officer Thin Gray Line Flag-Correctional Officer Prayer Flag

There is no better gift to give to someone whom you care about than the gift of prayer. Show your favorite corrects officer that you care for them as they go to work every single day with this correctional officer prayer flag.

Measuring 3x5 foot in size, this flag features a Thin Grey Line Flag that the correctional officer prayer written on it. This flag is made of polyester and is one-sided. It features a unique and eye-catching design that closely resembles the American flag design. The prayer is a great reminder of the grave danger that these correction officers face every day they come to work. And it is a heartfelt gift that makes them more courageous as they face the challenges in their life as a corrections officer.

Correctional Officer Flag-Medieval Crest Thin Gray Line Flag-Duty Honor Valor

If you like to give correction officer flags as a gift, here is another excellent and unique idea. This flag features the medieval Corrections crest and a couple of gray prison keys behind it. There are also two scrolls with the following words written on them: “Correctional Officer” and “Duty, Honor, Valor”.

This is an excellent flag to give anyone who’s served as a corrections officer. Its medieval design makes it unique from all the other flags that we have available on the website. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for non-traditional gift ideas.

Thin Gray Line Barbed Wire Flag-Correctional Officer Tumbler 20oz

If you are looking for a practical gift idea that will be appreciated by your favorite corrections officer, then this tumbler is what you’re looking for. What makes this correctional officer tumbler the perfect gift? Well, it is made of stainless steel so it is durable and designed to last even with regular use.

This tumbler is also the perfect size at 20 ounces. It comes with rounded corners so the officer can conveniently carry it with them. The plastic see-through lid makes it easy for them to know what they’re drinking. This is also easy to care for – you simply have to wash it on the sink and you’re good to go!

It’s a great reminder for any corrections officer that no matter how busy they get at work, that they should always stay hydrated. Or, they can also use it to enjoy any beverage of their choice!

Correction Officer Medieval Crest T-Shirt-Thin Grey Line Flag Shield and Jailer Keys-No Front Design

A correction officer is someone who’s proud of their line of work – much like the members of the armed forces are! Therefore, this shirt is the best gift for anyone who’s a proud corrections officer!

This t-shirt features the thin grey line shield along with two jailer keys. The crest is also on full display with the words: “Duty”, “Honor”, and “Valor”. Made of soft cotton fabric, this t-shirt features a comfortable fit and a high quality print. The recipient will want to wear it over and over again! The ribbed knit collars on this shirt also deliver comfortable fit and a flattering shape. The dual side seams ensure that it will last long even with regular use and wash.

A Thin Line Between Chaos And Order Decal-Correctional Officer Flag With Guard Tower

This reflective decal is another fantastic gift idea for correctional officers. It features the thin gray line design with a guard tower behind it. The print is artistically made and the print quality is up to par, too. It measures 5x8 in size and is the perfect addition to your favorite correction officer’s collection.

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