Civilian Challenge coin uses, you should know

Challenge coins, even though with military history, are common pieces of art owned and used by military, police, first responder communities as well as civilian organizations. The number of challenge coin collectors is rising every day, and more civilians are proud of owning the little pieces of metal. The corporate world is perhaps driving more traffic to challenge coins than the military, police, and firefighter communities. Consequently, it is perhaps the best time to learn about the various possible civilian challenge coin uses. Let’s go.

Before diving into the various uses, why not look at where we are coming from first? Various legends explain the beginnings of challenge coins in the history of the US military. However, each of these is subject to scrutiny since none is documented. One legend that we have previously cited in some of our blogs indicates that challenge coins existed before the First World War. According to the legend, challenge coins came to light when an American pilot was shot by British forces and held hostage In Germany for some time. The pilot escaped from the Britons' shackles after an attack on the camp where he was locked up was attacked. He was later arrested by French forces, questioning his allegiance until he produced a coin issued to him by an American commander. The coin had been given to him for exemplary service. It saved his life.

Ever since challenge coins have been part and parcel of military life and some presidents of the United States have received challenge coins while in office. Not just that, but they have also contributed to the growing popularity of coins by minting their own. Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Donald Trump are some of the presidents who gave challenge coins a new life. 

Eventually, military challenge coins broke loose from the thin blue line's confines and have since become common household assets. Corporate organizations, small to medium enterprises, and departments realized the power challenge coins and embarked on a journey to bring benefits to the corporate scene. This explains why we have so many non-military challenge coins circulating in the United States of America today.

Civilian challenge coin uses


Challenge coins offer a great way to remember people, events, and activities in an organization's calendar. They are excellent commemoration tools for events and activities that bring/brought people together. Many civilian organizations out there are producing challenge coins to commemorate important dates. For instance, companies mint challenge coins to commemorate years of service, corporate games events and remember company founders.

Rewarding service

Many companies and organizations adopting custom challenge coins usually incorporate them with their reward systems. Challenge coins rewards are often useful when recognizing employee efforts whenever salary raises, and other work benefit perks are improbable. Both big and small companies are in a rush to have branded challenge coins in a move to reduce inappropriate spending without affecting employee morale and engagements. However, care should be taken to only use coins as a complement for the existing reward system rather than a replacement.


From their many years of existence in the military, challenge coins have proved useful in keeping team spirit. Various corporates have as well tested them to maintain workplace ethics, drive conversations, and thus enhance returns on investments. An appreciated worker is often twice as productive as an unrecognized counterpart, and organizations seem to be taking this seriously.


There is no better way to show gratitude than to give a memorable gift to a person who has helped you or whom you have worked with. A challenge coin comes out as an excellent gift for this and other purposes since it can take various designs, shapes, colors, and symbols.


Perhaps marketing is the most thoughtful way to use challenge coins in the civilian world. With their portability, flexibility in design, and rules regarding their use, they have a great chance of communicating your brand to people you would never reach. With the idea of challenge coins for marketing, business issue challenge coins to the society through a few customers. It is common knowledge that these items will definitely change hands, and in so doing, an additional impression will be created. However, like with motivation and recognition of efforts, custom challenge coins can only be used as a complementary marketing effort. Challenge coins are excellent for marketing when used to retain customers, attract new purchases, or value or discount is attached to them.

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