Buying and Selling Challenge Coins: The truth you didn’t know

The issuance and maintenance of challenge coins remain a mystery to may in the civilian world despite the tradition breaking loose from the men in uniform years ago. This can be attributed to the fact that not many have practically encountered challenge coins and those who already have them are unwilling to let go. Today, anybody can buy a challenge coin from the numerous online stores on the internet. However, challenge coins obtained in this manner are shrouded with uncertainties and false beliefs. This article takes the form of a Q&A to shed light on some of the most disturbing questions you may have.


What are challenge coins?

A challenge coin is a small piece of metal with a unique design that represents a particular ideology or organization. Traditionally, challenge coins would only take a circular shape just like the monetary coins we use daily. However, things have really changed and custom challenge coins are being made in complex shapes and designs you would never have imagined. Challenge coins usually have value to people who receive them.


Is it legal to buy/ sell challenge coins?

Well, people are buying challenge coins and you are wondering if it is even legal. A lot of people mistake challenge coins and currency coins and are left thinking that challenge coins have a monetary value. On the contrary, challenge coins, regardless of the issuer, have no financial value at all. Buying and selling challenge coins is legal in the United States and some other countries across the world. However, there are limitations (unofficial) as to what coins you can buy with money.

Even though private citizens can buy challenge coins of all kinds, it is not the most genuine way to add a challenge coin to your display of valuables. In essence, challenge coins are supposed to be earned. One should only receive a challenge coin in recognition of efforts, performance, or devotion to duty in the concerned field. This is important if the tradition we have borrowed from the military will stand the test of time.


Can I buy military challenge coins?

This question has both affirmative and negative answers depending on the coins in question. To put it straight, you cannot buy official military challenge coins. However, various challenge coin manufacturers have emulated and redesigned the original military challenge coins. The latter is available for purchase by the general public. Senior military officers issue genuine military challenge coins often during special army ceremonies including, but not limited to military school graduation


What is the average cost of a custom challenge coins?

Different coin makers have different pricing mechanisms for the different challenge coins. Generally, the price is influenced by the materials used for the coin and the complexity of the design. On average, a challenge coin may cost you anywhere between ten dollars and a hundred dollars. However, corporate buyers who require continuous supply on a fixed schedule may enjoy better terms of trade.


Where can I buy challenge coins?

If you have had this question ringing in your mind, we are glad to tell you that you already found the answer. (this website) provides you with unique challenge coins to fit your specific needs. Visit our store to see the various challenge coins and collectibles available for sale.

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