A custom challenge coin for your family event

The festive season is almost here with us, and most people will probably be holding family events. But how are you planning to make your event memorable? Naturally, human memory is bound to forget things, and it would be a great way to give people something that will help keep the memories alive. One such thing is perhaps a custom challenge coin designed specifically for that end year party or family gathering. In the same manner, challenge coins have been used to commemorate achievements in the military and the business world, and challenge coins can as well be used in family events. Furthermore, when used in the family, they are not just for a keepsake, but they also strengthen the family ties between the giving family and the receivers. They help preserve memories of the happy times you spent together.

Design ideas for custom family coins

The design for any challenge coins starts with the theme/idea of the event during which it will be given out. However, the design of a custom coin for a family event can be challenging for people who have not used challenge coins before. Regardless, various design ideas will prove useful and give you a precious challenge coin. Let’s look at some of them.

  • A photograph

One of the most probable design a family challenge coin should take includes a photograph embedded on one face of the coin. This design goes well with events like marriages and birthdays, among other things.

  • Insignia

There are various family traditions you may have and which could give you ideas for a perfect symbol to use on the face of the challenge coin. For instance, some people have a favorite travel destination or a favorite animal. These are just the beginnings, and the idea for a symbol can come from anywhere.

  • Bible verse or wise saying

We all believe in something. There is perhaps a verse that you plan to share during the family event, why not have it on the challenge coin? That would make a perfect coin that brings people to God. Besides, you don't have to a bible verse, and the alternatives are unlimited. For instance, you can use a favorite quote, a verse from the Quran or some sweet words describing the event.


Choosing the right finishing for family challenge coins

The appearance of a challenge coin is very important to the course. It can either be a turn on­–making people like it–or a turn off to do the complete opposite. When you have decided on what to have on your challenge coins, you must evaluate your selected finishing and see if it aligns with the theme of the event. For instance, birthday and wedding invitation challenge coins would perhaps look good in a gold finishing rather than a black or green finishing.


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