A combination of a police flag and a sticker that would make a perfect gift

You will often want to buy your friend or family member a gift, but you do not know where to start. Perhaps you do not know what kind of gift item would turn them on and spark a memory whenever they see it. This should no longer be a problem for you or the people near you. The case is so because today we are unveiling a combination of police collectibles that would make a perfect gift for both uniformed and non-uniformed men and women. So, what will that be?

The Gadsden enough is enough flag.

The first item we add to the collection will be a police flag. Specifically, it is a uniquely designed thin blue line flag but with additional symbols. The thin blue line flag is famous in the military, the police units, and fire departments in various states in the USA. It is also popular among people who wish to show support for the military and other first responder communities. So, what is the flag about? We are talking about the Gadsden flag, which was created in 1775 by army general Christopher Gadsden. The flag was created to symbolize liberty and freedom of the country. On the face of it are a coiled rattlesnake and the thin blue line crossing in the middle. It carries the words "Don't tread on me," showing each person's liberty to have their space and thoughts.

Rounded Gadsden enough is enough yellow decal.

This will be the second item on our list of three collectibles.  The flag décor is similar in objective with the flag we have above. However, the decal is made into a round shape. Furthermore, instead of having the flag in the background, the solid yellow color makes it look stunning. The decal carries the phrases “Enough is enough” and “Don’t Tread on Me” as a sign of solidarity with the thin blue line.

The Mo State Trooper Bear sticker

The Mo state trooper bear sticker is an elegant sticker depicting a strong uniformed bear. Although various people may interpret the image in various ways, the bear, strength, and posture indicate our police units' strength and readiness in guarding the citizenry. Adding the bear sticker and the Gadsden flag apparel we have discussed above would make a perfect gift combo for both law enforcers and private citizens.

When to use the gift combo

The gift combo is an appealing set of apparel, and there is no limit when used. However, we have listed some of the most suitable events during which the items may be used.

  • For police fundraisers. Even though the state and federal governments fund the police, different units may conduct fundraisers for various reasons.
  • Birthday gifts for people working in the military or police units
  • For people looking to decorate their cars

At Police Brand, we are committed to bringing you the best offers on police collectibles, challenge coins, and apparel relating to the police's work. You can get all the three items we mentioned if you visit our online shopfront now.

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